Information For Whr Design

  • Electricity System:
  • Voltage
  • Frequency

Cement Production Line:

  • Parameters for waste air flow at the pre-heater and/or at the grate cooler (temperature, pressure, flow rate).
  • Layout diagram of the cement production Line, nonstandard pipes.
  • Outline drawings of equipment including:
    • EP Fan: type, layout parameters
    • High temperature fan of pre-heater: type, layout parameters
  • Temperature requirements for drying raw material: air
  • Flow rate, air temperature, pressure.
  • Coal mill: position, air flow parameters (air flow rate, temperature, pressure).
  • Grate cooler: outline drawings, layout of inner heat­ insulation, diagram of construction for inner heat-insulation.
  • Information of water source and water quality (for boiler make-up and turbine cooling circulation)
  • Required water flow rate: 100-150 T/H (3MW +6MW Unit)
  • Geologic data, earthquakes, wind speed, wind direction, snow records, weather parameters, etc.

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