WASTE HEAT RECOVERY is a Proven Technology

Regulatory measures and lower capital costs have been key factors behind China's success in mainstreaming WHR technology.

There are over 850 WHR power installations in the world. China leads in the number of WHR installations exceeding more than 740 installations.

Initially, WHR development in China was driven by incentives such as tax breaks and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) revenues for emissions reductions from clean energy projects.

In 2011, a national energy-efficiency regulation mandated WHR on all new clinker lines constructed after January 2011.

These drivers, together with China's cement production exceeding 2,300 Mta, were reinforced lowering the WHR capital and installation costs by adopting domestic components and design capability, which developed the technology.

Chinese-manufactured WHR Equipment Installation Costs are significantly more competitive than competing technologies.

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